Catalyst Health Network Adds Questcare Medical Services, Expands Across Dallas-­‐Fort Worth

February 11, 2015

Primary Care Physicians, Hospitalists, Emergency Medicine Doctors Contribute to Integrated Model to Better Manage Population Health

DALLAS-­‐FORT WORTH, TEXAS – Catalyst Health Network, a clinically integrated network of physicians, is pleased to announce the addition of Questcare Medical Clinics to its member network. Questcare, a nationally recognized patient care organization, is comprised of 20 outpatient primary care physician clinics in Dallas-­‐Fort Worth. Physician members of Catalyst are part of a coordinated team-­‐based care model that enables them to direct all aspects of each patient’s care. Catalyst Health Network serves to help physicians achieve the Triple Aim in healthcare: higher quality, improved cost and an enhanced patient experience.

In addition, Questcare’s parent company, Questcare Medical Services, which includes emergency medicine and hospitalist physicians, will join Catalyst’s affiliate program. Questcare represents the largest group of hospitalists and emergency medicine physicians in the Metroplex. In this partnership, Questcare and Catalyst will share information and create care plans to better coordinate transition of patient care in and out of the inpatient and emergency settings. Questcare’s affiliation with Catalyst will help create an integrated network to improve quality care, increase efficiencies and reduce healthcare costs.

“Questcare is dedicated to delivering quality, efficient medical care to our patients,” said Dr. John Myers, president and chief executive officer of Questcare Medical Services. “The relationship with Catalyst Health Network supports our integrated model and allows us to maximize our healthcare value proposition by providing cost-­‐effective, efficient solutions to both our patients and our facility clients.”

"Working with groups like Questcare to improve transitions of patient care from outpatient to inpatient and back is a key component to reaching the Triple Aim of population health,” said Dr. Christopher Crow, president of Catalyst Health Network.

About Catalyst Health Network

Catalyst Health Network is a clinically integrated network of physicians designed to provide coordinated, high-­‐quality care to patients. Catalyst provides independent physicians a dynamic population health platform that is critical to reach the Triple Aim in healthcare – higher quality, improved cost and an enhanced patient experience. Physicians are able to remain independent while enjoying the services and structure needed to be successful in the new, value-­‐based world of healthcare. Catalyst received certification by the Texas Medical Board as a nonprofit health corporation. The network is comprised solely of physician members and managed by StratiFi Health, a physician services organization. For more information, visit or follow @CatalystHN on Twitter.

About Questcare

Questcare is a nationally recognized multi-­‐specialty, integrated patient care organization with a history of delivering quality medical services since 1996. Based in Dallas-­‐Fort Worth, Questcare is a physician-­‐owned and operated provider group currently comprised of more than 800 providers in 56 facilities in multiple states. Questcare is a recognized leader in hospital-­‐based provider specialties, including Emergency Medicine, Hospitalists, Critical Care, OB-­‐GYN, Pediatrics, Neurology and Telehealth services. Questcare has demonstrated success in combining excellent practitioners with sound management and business expertise to achieve outstanding value-­‐driven results for patients, medical staff colleagues and hospital administration. For more information, please visit